Our Talented Yoga Teachers

Toni Panariello - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



I started yoga about 10 years ago through videos at home and immediately felt connected to the asana movements because it took my mind away from everyday life and stress.

The benefits my body received, such as the flexibility and strength, was a great asset, but it was the mental benefit of being able to nurture myself that changed the game. The only time I am not multitasking or not thinking of my to do list is while I am practicing yoga.

The practice of yoga has allowed me to manage life off my yoga mat with less stress and as a better version of myself. I have been fortunate enough to learn from many great teachers who have focused on breath, alignment and dedication.

I am RYT-200 and Yoga Alliance certified. My passion is to create an experience for students to connect with the mental and physical benefits of yoga. I truly believe that with gentle perseverance, yoga provides healing in our lives, both on and off the mat.

Sam Buser - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



I have been practicing yoga since 2001. I was introduced by my chiropractor after a serious back injury. He recommended some yoga videos and I was surprised at the immediate sense of well-being and focus that I felt after I practiced. It was the thing I had been missing. After a while, I found my first yoga class and was instantly hooked on the energy exchange and sense of belonging that comes with practicing alongside other people.

I realized yoga was more than just a workout but an entire life practice, helping me to feel better in my physical body and also more comfortable in my own skin.

In 2014, I signed up for a teacher training because I needed to learn more. I soon discovered that teaching inspired a completely new level of gratification for yoga. I was quickly guided into teaching beginners and newcomers. This has been the most rewarding- helping people to find a retreat, a sense of place in the universe, and a way of life. I am particularly aware of how difficult it can be to give something back to yourself amidst all of your daily responsibilities. But I also know that yoga can fit into any person’s life and enrich in ways you may not expect! The best part is that you can practice regardless of your physical limitations or abilities.

I am currently certified to teach yoga to Breast Cancer survivors as well as Chair Yoga. My learning is far from over and I hope it never ends!

Namaste, and Meet you on the Mat!

Eugene Feis - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Eugene Feis is a Dharma Yoga® Center, NYC, certified teacher (200 hours) and has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. He also is certified as a hot yoga teacher (100 hours) and as a hatha yoga teacher (200 hours) from the School of Living Wisdom and teaches partner (acro) yoga. He combines the physical aspects of yoga with its health and well-being aspects, and he grounds his practice in the traditional, ethical rules which dictate that each posture be a dedication to the god energy that is alive and is within each of us.

The classes Eugene teaches have a flow and ease that originate from within. Each pose has a purpose, which is to bring students to a place that is unique to them. He begins each class with a moment of silence, in recognition of love and compassion for every person in class.

Eugene has also been practicing reiki for a number of years and is certified as a Reiki Master, as well as certified in Thai Yoga Therapy from Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork in New York City. His reiki circles (shares) are held weekly and are by donation only.

Eugene also promotes karma yoga through the healing work he does with reiki. He has performed reiki on children, senior citizens, adults, dolphins, bugs, birds, and domesticated animals. He also practices distance reiki, whereby he directs the healing energy to people and areas far away that have been stricken by tragedy.

Eugene is registered with Yoga Alliance, an IRC § 501(c)(6) professional and trade association that supports the yoga profession and business.

Spirituality, consistency, and dedication are the hallmarks of Eugene’s practice.

Stephanie Tolino - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Stephanie is a mindfulness educator, yoga teacher, and meditation guide for children and adults. She fell in love with the philosophy of yoga 10 years ago when taking a college course and her asana practice began soon after.

After receiving her Masters degree in School Counseling, she completed a mindfulness training with Carin Winter of Mission Be. Stephanie is now dedicated to teaching children the importance of compassion, empathy, gratitude, and stillness.

In her free time, you can find her playing guitar and singing or cooking up a vegan meal with friends.

In her yoga classes you can expect the encouragement to push yourself while being met with a sincere level of comfort and acceptance.

Corey Patrick - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Although an avid student of mind & body since birth, I quickly began to flunk out in my late 20's. But finding new devotions first through Natural and Holistic Dietetics in 2012, then through disciplines of Yoga in 2014, began reworking back into the union of mind & body in accordance with all things universal.

In 2015 I received my 200RYT in Hatha, Raja and Vinyasa from Lila Yoga Shala in Holbrook NY under the guidance of the Dharma Sangha and Lineage. In 2016 I completed the 8 Limbs of Yoga Immersion with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC. Also Dharma Yoga Wheel Certified and mentor for the Long Island training immersion in 2016.

Forever in service to the raw knowledge of this Universe. Expanding unconventional experiences of all its happenings involving movement, superior dietetics and mental mastery.

Amy Toscano - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Yoga was introduced to Amy during her years in College while studying Photography. After receiving her BFA in Photography, Yoga became a huge healing aide while going through an emotionally challenging chapter in her life.

Having a desire to spread the benefits of Yoga to others, she studied and received her RYT-200 at A Jewel In The Lotus in Islip, NY in June 2016. During her off weekends while training, she received her Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification.

Teaching Yoga has really changed and opened up her life. She is always eager to learn and considers herself a lifelong Yoga Practitioner.

Steph Vasquez - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Stephanie began on spiritual journey in 2012 when she discovered meditation as a means of reducing anxiety. through her meditation practice she determined her life path was not bringing her happiness or fulfillment so she sought to pursue the things that did.

She took her first yoga class while on vacation to celebrate her 22nd birthday and was instantly hooked. Soon after she began practicing at A Jewel in the Lotus and fell in love with the Ashtanga Primary Series. After practicing the primary series 2 times a week for about a year, she decided to embark on her 200 hour teacher training at AJITL. Right after her training, she spent 4 months in Guatemala volunteering at the Mystical Yoga Farm, a yoga retreat center that hosted teacher trainings year round.

She got the chance to learn from experienced yogis from all over the world and develop her own unique style. Her classes tend to be a soothing mix of moving meditation and challenging flows based off the Astanga Primary Series. She encourages her students to listen to what their body needs from them each day while creating space to explore their limits. She feels that it is important to be able to connect the mind and body both on and off the mat in order to find true balance and bliss.

Maryellen Winter - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Maryellen Winter is a Kripalu yoga teacher and Yoga Alliance certified. She is also certified in Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Trauma & Grief and Prenatal Yoga. She is the former co-owner of Embrace Yoga in East Islip. She is a seasoned teacher who guides students with wisdom and grace.

Maryellen’s Hatha style teaching, offers her students compassionate awareness by connecting them to their hearts, minds and breath. Her classes are attended by practitioners of all levels from gentle beginner to the more experienced vinyasa students. Maryellen’s style of teaching allows all of her students to feel comfortable. You will leave her class feeling relaxed and uplifted.

In her free time, Maryellen enjoys spending time with her seven children, grandchildren and loving husband on the South Shore of Long Island. She is also a volunteer for many local organizations including Monday’s at Racine’s.

Jackie Bianco - The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness Teacher



Jackie has been practicing yoga since 2011, and became a certified vinyasa yoga instructor through the Always At Aum Yoga School in February of 2016.

She has also been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013. Jackie believes that yoga is for everybody and creates a safe space for every student, from beginners to advanced, to practice.

She is all about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun in the process of breathing, moving, and learning. Jackie was given the spiritual name aditi candrakānti by her mentors and teachers which means "limitless moonlight" she strives to teach her students to let their inner light shine!

Jen Lawrence The Welcome Mat Yoga and Wellness in Islip



Jennifer intertwines her love for dance, fitness, spirituality, and health into her yoga classes. She started taking yoga classes ten years ago and became an RYT-200 with Always-At-Aum Yoga School in the fall of 2016. She is currently working toward her RYT-500.

Jennifer has her Bachelors Degree in Health Science and Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy for Quinnipiac University. She specializes in pediatrics and physical disabilities as a licensed, registered Occupational Therapist. She dedicates her life to helping others find fulfillment within their daily lives and believes that "we rise by lifting others." Jennifer is also certified in teaching children's yoga and hot yoga. She believes in the power of finding the positive in all situations. "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."